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The amazing exterior of iStick TC100W

Le 17 mars 2016, 10:56 dans Humeurs 0

The iStick TC100W, whereas bearing some family likeness, doesn’t manage to tug off an equivalent lines and svelte beauty of its predecessors. There’s very little contrastive colors on this model, save the hearth and settings buttons. The remainder of the mod may be a single color which could hide any magnificence of style. It’s not a nasty wanting device, however its appearance don’t knock me out either.


Do you waiting for full power

Le 12 août 2015, 10:46 dans Humeurs 0

Fully charged before they can enjoy the greatest sense of joy smoke,mini istick, iStick 20W, iStick 30W,iStick 40W,even iStick 50W, you should charged full before you can smoking, so you alway tast time to charge it. but now, Eleaf iStick 100W Version is comming, you never worry about the power of your iStick,  as you have spare battery, you can change the battery any time, and don't affect you smoking at all.

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